I obtained my canine’s DNA outcomes again as we speak.

Earlier than I get to the massive reveal, you’re most likely questioning what may lead anybody to the surplus of parsing pooch parentage, delineating doggy descent. A easy reply: I simply needed to know what was loud night breathing on the sofa subsequent to me.

Hundreds of thousands of pet homeowners have questioned the identical over the past decade or so, driving what has grow to be large enterprise in pet genotyping. The gnawing query: Who precisely is Fido?

Is he as purebred a cane corso because the breeder promised? Will the Westminster Canine Present see the true Welshness on this Sealyham?

There are not any such lofty considerations the place my new pet is anxious. Ever since canines arrived in America from Europe half a millennium in the past (displacing indigenous canines that had probably crossed a land bridge from Siberia 1000’s of years earlier) they haven’t shied from attending to know one another. Alter for 500 years of interbreed frolicking and also you’re getting near the DNA outcomes I obtained for my $124.99.


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