Earlier than you make the leap and purchase an costly, cannibalistic pet fish, it’s finest to know the fundamentals so that you don’t find yourself with a watery graveyard that may have the youngsters in tears.

From platies to guppies to tetras, fish are the third hottest pet in Australia, after canine and cats, with roughly 11 per cent of the inhabitants holding them.

It’s estimated every of these households has 10 or 11 at anyone time, in keeping with the Pets in Australia report, which means about 11.3 million pet fish stay in Australian properties. Most of these surveyed stated they selected pet fish for leisure, as a result of they had been low upkeep and a superb pet to show kids accountability.

However, earlier than you make the leap and purchase an costly tank and 10 fish, it’s finest to know the fundamentals so that you don’t find yourself with a watery graveyard that may have the youngsters in tears. In addition to shopping for the suitable species to begin with, you’ll want a tank, gear, plus the suitable meals on your fish.


In keeping with the Pets in Australia survey, pet house owners on common maintain fish for about 5 years. Of these, 46 per cent are fishbowl/chilly water tank breeds the preferred, adopted by tropical freshwater fish, pond fish and marine species.

When selecting, in addition to choosing fish that choose totally different water temperatures, and kinds of water, recent or tropical water, you may select a fish’s temperament, from a peaceable and lively selection, to a semi aggressive or aggressive species such because the Siamese Preventing Fish, which might be good to know earlier than you let the youngsters choose the carnivore that will eat all its siblings.

Black moors, blue guppies, rainbow sharks, tetras, ranchu and sucking catfish are among the many peaceable recent water sorts, whereas tropical fish corresponding to purple tiger oscar, blue acara cichlid and convict cichlid will be aggressive and could also be finest in a tank on their very own. If unsure, ask an professional.

Vitamin performs an enormous half in holding fish alive and nicely, and it’s crucial to choose the suitable kind of meals on your species, as not all like the identical factor. There are various fish variety-specific meals so test with the pet retailer which is preferable.

Some fish are high dwellers whereas others like to hang around at floor stage.

Prime-dwelling fish corresponding to hatchetfish and halfbeaks are finest suited to flakes, that are gentle and float on the floor for them to nibble on, whereas for medium dwellers corresponding to rainbow fish, goldfish and gourami, crisps are a superb choice as they sink slowly.

For these species which choose to lurk close to the underside, corresponding to cories, loaches and catfish, or species who’ve small downward dealing with mouths and should gulp their meals, go for a sinking wafer to munch on.

With a view to maintain fish clear and wholesome you will have the suitable measurement tank and gear for the variety of fish you propose to maintain.

You must all the time arrange your tank first and let it cycle (the method the place the filter builds up a inhabitants of helpful micro organism that may break down the toxins within the water which can be produced by fish waste) before you purchase pet fish.

Petbarn says to arrange a freshwater tank you will have: an aquarium and stand to go well with; gravel, background ornament, a filter system and pump, a light-weight, a heater for tropical fish, air stone; vegetation (pure or imitation) and decorations corresponding to rocks, driftwood, ornaments or flower pots, a water conditioner, pH check equipment, an ammonia check equipment and, after all, fish meals.

Most pet fish are maintain indoors in aquariums or fish tanks with an enclosed lid, whereas the rest stay in out of doors ponds and as such, can develop giant in measurement.

The selection of which fish tank to purchase can appear overwhelming, however it is going to come all the way down to your price range, the dimensions you will have house for and which is able to go well with the kind of fish you propose to have. Easy fish tanks begin round $30 and head upward to $800 or extra for superior fashions. Petbarn specialists counsel an excellent newbie choice is among the new “multi function” aquariums and include lights and filters built-in and are simple to arrange.

Simply bear in mind if you’ll maintain tropical fish then you will have to buy a heater as nicely, as a result of they don’t like chilly water.

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