Since my childhood, the zoo has all the time been my go-to for outings. However in recent times, I seen one thing has begun to steal the enjoyment from my visits there.

I do acknowledge and affirm the work that the Singapore Zoo places in, and its deal with educating the general public on wildlife conservation in addition to making certain the continuity of endangered species.

I additionally perceive that the zookeepers there are enthusiastic about their work and do contemplate the welfare of the animals.

Wildlife Reserves Singapore’s animal welfare and ethics coverage states: “All reveals should be of such measurement and quantity as to permit the animal to specific its pure behaviour.”

However a number of the animal enclosures appear to be comparatively small in contrast with the scale of their occupants. Some examples are the white tiger and pygmy hippo enclosures, wherein the animals appear to be pacing repeatedly.

Lots of the enclosures additionally appear to offer sufficient area for less than restricted motion, just like the cassowary enclosure.

I do perceive that the animals could have separate services that they will retreat to, however the separate services additionally don’t appear to be probably the most spacious, and the animals can be spending most of their exercise time within the enclosures.

Is there something we will do higher when it comes to animal welfare?

Nico Le Si Min, 16

Secondary 4 scholar


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