Indicators of a cat’s temper can embrace their their tails, ears and voices.
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In the event you’ve ever been owned by a cat, it’s not at all times straightforward to inform what they’re feeling. However listed here are some ideas that will help you be extra cat-aware.


A cat’s tail is a good clue to its temper. In case your cat’s tail is flicking quickly, it’s a sign of anger or misery, whereas a straight-up-in-the-air tail is an indication of friendliness. If it’s swishing forwards and backwards slowly, the cat is probably going making an attempt to determine what to do subsequent. (“Ought to I pounce on this toy or not?”)

And most of us know that the puffed-up tail means the cat is afraid, so method with warning.


It’s possible you’ll not pay a lot consideration to the place of your cat’s ears, however they may also be an indicator of temper. Ears ahead? Your kitty is glad or playful. Ears again? Be careful! This may point out irritation or aggression. Ears straight up? Your cat is paying consideration and on the alert.


Cats have extra vocalizations than virtually some other home pet, from their purrs to their meows and howls to their hisses and growls. A cat’s meow can have many alternative meanings, relying upon the scenario. Whereas kittens meow once they’re in want of their mom, an older cat meows for various causes.

For example, a protracted, drawn-on “meowwwww” can point out anxiousness or protest. A rapid-fire “meow-meow-meow” normally means the cat is making an attempt to get your consideration.

Some cats will give a extra plaintive “mew” once they’re hungry, whereas others give full voice to their meals calls for. Many cats additionally meow to greet their proprietor — curiously, most grownup cats don’t meow to at least one one other, simply to people.

In case your cat appears to be meowing continuously or for no cause, it might point out sickness or harm, so that you would possibly wish to seek the advice of along with your veterinarian.


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